Instagram Unlocked:
How to Gain Followers and Engagement That Lasts

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Do you ever feel like you’re just running in circles? You keep trying to figure out what works for seemingly everyone else, but you can’t figure it out for yourself. This was me on Instagram. I was trying to figure out why my account wouldn’t budge! I was working in social media and marketing and helping companies grow, why couldn’t I grow mine?!

Learn strategies to GROW

For years I got it wrong on Instagram. I posted pictures that I thought were pretty but were disconnected. I had a random collection of images that had no purpose. Yes, my account was growing but not at the pace I wanted and absolutely no one was buying anything for me or going to my blog because I told them to on Instagram. So while I had some followers, they were simply placeholders, not really helping to bridge the gap between a social media platform and one that brings awareness to my purpose.

Turn Followers into FANS!

You have to find what will work for you on Instagram. Instagram is a science and it can be unlocked, just like any other social media network or growth platform. You need to strategies that work and this guide intends to help you with just that- whether you’re a beginner or you’ve been on Instagram for years.

Let me tell you my Instagram story....

I spent years wondering why I wasn't growing on Instagram. Despite working with clients for years, I couldn't get my personal account to grow. WHY?! Because I wasn't clear on MY purpose. It took me far too long and I wasted time not finding my purpose and my strengths. This book will help you do that and help you crack the code on Instagram.

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Find YOUR Ideal Follower

Anyone can have followers but engagment from the right kids of followers is what you're really after. I'm going to show you exactly how to find them and where.

Nail the Instagram Algorithm

The Instagram algorithm is one of the most infuriating. I'm breaking down the science behind it and how you can beat it.

Strategy & Purpose

People tell you: use hashtags, have a theme, have a great bio! But they don't tell you HOW. This book explains it all and backs it up with case studies.

What this book will do for you:

*Help you get super clear on YOUR purpose for Instagram (this is everything and will help you massively figure out when to share/how often/ and why)
*Understand and break the Instagram Algorithm - it’s a science and once you get this, you can post with ease.
*How to create an Instagram that makes people STOP scrolling to follow and interact with you.
*The type of content you need to post and when.
*Why buying followers is dumb and how to create real engagement.
*The myths and mistakes that are holding you back from success.
*How to create an Instagram theme that sets you apart.
*How to strategize with hashtags.
*Find your target Instagram market and keep them coming back for more.
*I’ll also show you case studies of Instagram accounts that work and you’ll learn how to turn your followers into fans!

Stop wasting time on Instagram. Start using strategies that work. No fluff. Just real methods.

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